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Calcium Ionized Whole Blood,ART

eD-H Order Code


Specimen Collection Information

Specimen Minimum Test Volume Container Special Handling
Blood 1.0 ML On icedeliver immed

Specimen Transport Temperature

On Ice, Send to laboratory immediately.

Additional Specimen Instructions

This order includes Whole Blood Ionized Calcium and pH. Whole Blood Ionized Calcium cannot be ordered on outreach patients. Please order Serum Ionized Calcium (LAB3222) on outreach patients.

Reference Ranges / Critical Values

Assay Gender Age Range Normal Range Critical Values Units
ICa wh bl Art All 0 Minutes – 18 Years 1.22 -1.37 <0.93 or >1.53 mMol/L
    18 Years – 150 Years 1.15 -1.33 <0.93 or >1.53 mMol/L
pH Art All 0 Minutes – 150 Years 7.35 -7.45 <7.30  

Interpretive Data

Assay Display Interpretive Data
ICa wh bl Art Note: Total bilirubin higher than 20 mg/dL may lead to falsely low ionized calcium.

Day(s) Performed

Monday through Sunday; continuously

Performing Lab Section



82330 ; 82800