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EBV Antibody Profil

eD-H Order Code


Specimen Collection Information

Specimen Minimum Test Volume Container Special Handling
Blood 0.7 ML  

Specimen Transport Temperature


Reference Ranges / Critical Values

Assay Gender Age Range Normal Range Critical Values Units
EBNA Antibodies All 0 Minutes – 150 Years Neg    
EBV (VCA) IgG Ab All 0 Minutes – 150 Years Neg    
EBV (VCA) IgM Ab All 0 Minutes – 150 Years Neg    

Interpretive Data

Assay Display Interpretive Data
EBV Interp In most populations at least 90% of the adult population will have been infected with EBV some time in the past and therefore will be positive for anti-VCA/IgG and anti-EBNA. Antibodies to EBNA develop 6-8 weeks after primary infection and remain present for life. Presence of VCA/IgM antibodies indicates recent primary infection with EBV.

Day(s) Performed

Tuesday, Thursday; Time varies

Performing Lab Section



86664 ; 86665 ; 86665