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Sonicated Tissue/Implant Culture

eD-H Order Code


Specimen Collection Information

Specimen Minimum Test Volume Container Special Handling
Graft 1.0 ML  
Prosthetic Join 1.0 ML  
Tissue 1.0 ML  

Specimen Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Sterile cup: 24 hours refrigerated

Additional Specimen Instructions

The sonication of tissue/vascular grafts and prosthetic hardware dislodges bacteria and increases the sensitivity of culture for these specimens.


The source of prosthetic joint is for "Infected prosthetic joints surgically removed" and placed the specific validated one liter sterile polypropylene jars.

  1. If the joint does not fit in the jar scrape the hardware with a scalple and place scraping material in an E-swab (do not send the scalple blade).
  2. Hardware from prosthetic joints (screws, etc.) send in a sterile container order as a Medical Device (LAB 3025)


Day(s) Performed

Monday through Sunday; continuously

Performing Lab Section