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Calcium Ionized Serum

eD-H Order Code


Specimen Collection Information

Specimen Minimum Test Volume Container Special Handling
Blood 1.0 ML Fill tube completely

Specimen Transport Temperature


Additional Specimen Instructions

Offsite: SPIN, DO NOT UNCAP TUBE, TRANSPORT UPRIGHT REFRIGERATED. Must be received within 48 hours. Spun gold top tube only, reject tubes that are less than 3/4 full. Cannot uncap sample until immediately before analysis

Reference Ranges / Critical Values

Assay Gender Age Range Normal Range Critical Values Units
ICA Serum All 0 Minutes – 18 Years 1.22 -1.37 <0.93 or >1.53 mMol/L
    18 Years – 150 Years 1.15 -1.33 <0.93 or >1.53 mMol/L

Interpretive Data

Assay Display Interpretive Data
ICA Serum Note: Total bilirubin higher than 20 mg/dL may lead to falsely low ionized calcium.

Day(s) Performed

Monday through Sunday; continuously

Performing Lab Section